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Mack Knight

Home Inspections LLC
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Who needs a home inspection?

There is always a risk involved with such a large investment. For the less than 1% of the cost of the home it would benefit everyone to use a Certified/Licensed Home Inspector to help lessen the risk.

Are home inspections just for the buyers?

Absolutely not. A large portion of our work is for sellers prior to being under contract. Items found before listing the home or being under contract can help keep costs down and avoid last minute issues that could delay a closing.

How long does a home inspection take?

A Home Inspection can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on the type and size of the home.

How soon can we expect to get the final report?

You should receive an email with the report within 24-36 hours of the inspection, if not early the next morning.

Can I get my report as soon as the Inspection is completed?

Although as a matter of  convenience we would love to accommodate that, we could not duplicate or be as detailed with an on site report. We take a large amount of pictures during an inspection and need time to review them as well as expand on the notes taken during the inspection. There could also be an area of concern that requires further research and evaluation.